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The Best Lawyer In Florida Breaks Down Owner Liability

Most of us may let our friends and family drive our cars, or we may drive their cars. We likely share information on what documents are in the car to ensure they’re prepared if something happens, but have you stopped to think about what happens if they get in an accident? We at Keep Calm Attorney Referral Service can share what we know about owner liability from our experience helping Florida drivers with their claims. Regardless, if you or someone you know has been in an accident, you’ll want the best lawyer in Florida. If you live in another state, then you’ll want to search “injury attorney near me.”

What you Need to Know about Owner Liability

When it comes to loaning out your vehicle to friends and family, you may be surprised to know that you’ll be the one held accountable if they find themselves in an accident. This all depends on the element of permission. You can give others permission to drive your car verbally, in writing, or you can imply it based on your previous conduct (such as leaving your keys out for someone to use at their leisure). In any of these cases, your insurance policy may be the one to cover damages. If you did not give someone permission to drive your vehicle, such as if it was stolen, then your insurance won’t cover the damages.

There are a few other details that are important to mention. For example, if someone borrows your car for business use, they would need a separate form of insurance for that purpose. You might also be found guilty of negligent entrustment if you give permission to someone who is not licensed, drunk, or has a suspended license.

Why Get Help From the Best Lawyer in Florida?

When it comes to handling insurance claims, it’s important to understand that the insurance companies are only out for their own profit. Regardless of the claims you may have, they’ll use their vast legal knowledge against you to try and undercut the value needed for your compensation. This is done so that they spend as little money as possible. It’s a business, after all, and they profit by ensuring that you’re paying more than they’ll have to pay you.

A referral service will help set you up with the best attorney based on your needs. The attorney, in contrast to the goals of the insurance company, will prioritize your needs instead of your insurance company’s wallet. Their legal knowledge will be able to combat that of the insurance company’s and place you on an even playing field that would otherwise be stacked against you, unless you yourself were well-versed in insurance claim laws. You also want to make sure that the attorney you work will has the skills needed to work for your case, and is experienced with the type of claim you’re handling (preferably with a healthy track record of wins). This is where the referral services steps in--setting you up with the attorney most likely to see your victory based on their credentials.

Contact Us for an Injury Attorney Near Me

If you’ve been in an accident, you will likely need legal help to handle your insurance claims from the best lawyer in Florida. If you live in Miami, we at Keep Calm Attorney Referral Service can have you covered. Contact us today to receive help around Miami, or search “injury attorney near me” for other states to ensure you receive the help you need.

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