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A Car Crash Lawyer Can Help After a Rollover Accident

While there are many car accident scenarios that are able to lead to serious bodily harm for victims, a roller crash is one of the most likely to end up in disastrous injuries. The statistics released by the National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) illustrate that rollovers end up leading to more fatalities than most other types of collisions. While the amount of rollovers only make up 2.1% of all auto accidents, rollovers are the cause of nearly 35% of all deaths due to motor vehicle crashes. If you were injured or lost a loved one in such an incident, then you will have certain rights under Florida law that you should be aware of and informed about. While you may want to seek a car crash lawyer immediately following such an incident for further counsel, it is still important to be informed about your rights. Read on to learn more about what you should do after a rollover accident. Call Keep Calm Referral Attorney Service for your Florida personal injury lawyer for an appointment today.

Factors That Cause Rollover Accidents

Many of the same factors that are associated with other types of motor vehicle crashes also contribute to rollovers, but there are certain factors that are unique to a rollover accident. A vehicle is more likely to flip side-to-side, end-over-end, or a combination of these due to:

  • Vehicle design- SUVs, trucks, and other higher profile vehicles tend to rollover more often since their center of gravity is higher than cars.

  • Slippery road conditions, uneven surfaces, and other factors all put vehicles at a risk of flipping

  • Tripping- A car can trip over a curb or bump in the road, the contact interferes with the vehicle’s forward motion, and a rollover crash can occur.

Catastrophic injuries are unfortunately more common in rollover crashes, as gravity wrecks its havor in such a type of crash. The driver and passengers may be tossed about the vehicle’s interior if they are not buckled in their seatbelts, and occupants can even be ejected in a serious collision. A roof cave-in poses another risk, since the structure is not intended to support the weight of the whole vehicle. The five areas of the human body that sustain the majority of trauma tend to be the head, neck, spinal cord, torso, abdomen, upper extremities, and lower extremities.

A Car Crash Lawyer Can Help

The severity and nature of injuries to these areas from a rollover crash can range from minor scrapes to bodily harm that affects multiple systems of the body. Rollover are much more violent than other types of crashes, which is why catastrophic injuries happen a lot more- especially the head and spinal cord. Since these injuries may be more serious, you may want to hire a Florida personal injury lawyer in order to receive the compensation that you deserve. Traumatic brain injury may happen if your head strikes a surface inside of the vehicle or is struck by a flying object. Your spine and neck may sustain injuries as your body twists and contorts throughout the collision, possibly leading to paralysis or other chronic injuries.

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