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4 Myths About Florida Car Accident Lawyers

Being injured in a Florida car accident is a horrifying experience, but the aftermath can be even more devastating as you are trying to get the compensation that you deserve. The process of filing an insurance claim is extremely complex, and to make the situation worse, you may be at a disadvantage if you are not informed about what to do regarding auto crashes. Even though family members and friends mean well, it is still crucial to receive professional consul from Florida car accident lawyers, as acquaintances typically don’t have experience in the legal field. An experienced Florida car accident attorney can assist in wading through the confusion of a claims process and fight to protect your interests in the insurance claims process. However, it may be helpful to be informed about motor vehicle collisions and debunk some common misconceptions. Read on to learn about some common myths about motor vehicle collisions. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Florida for your case, call Keep Calm Attorney Referral Services today!

Myths About Florida Car Accident Attorneys

  • Myth 1: Lawyers Are Too Expensive- Auto crash lawyers typically work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they only get paid if you recover compensation in your case. Instead of paying upfront or supplying a retainer, your attorney will receive a percentage of the award you get from an insurance claim or in court. According to the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct, a contingency fee arrangement needs to be reasonable and put down in writing.

  • Myth 2: The Insurance Company Has My Best Interests In Mind- Insurance companies are in the business for profit. They will want to pay you the least amount of money that they can get away with. Your claim is a threat to this goal, so no matter how nice they may seem, adjusters will do everything in their power in order to find ways to deny or pay as little as possible. If you have an attorney to fight on your side, insurance companies will know that they can’t get away with sweeping things under the rug.

What To Know About Florida Car Accident Lawyers

  • Myth 3: I Automatically Qualify For Compensation if I Was Not At Fault. Even when it is clear that the other driver was negligent, a lot of the claims process depends on your own efforts. You need to bring proof of your medical bills and lost wages as well as evidence about your subjective losses such as pain and suffering, and your lawyer can assist you with all of this.

  • Myth 4: I Can Handle the Claims Process On My Own- Even though it seems as simple as filling out a few forms, filing an injury claim can be very difficult. The insurer will fight your claim from every possible angle, so you put your rights at risk- and leave money on the table- if you don’t have a car accident lawyer in Florida to fight for your compensation.

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If you are involved in a car accident, Florida car accident lawyers can help your case. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Florida, call Keep Calm Attorney Referral Services today!

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