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Find Lawyers Near Me If You’ve Been In A Car Accident Due To Speeding

The majority of drivers on the road are already well-informed regarding all of the myriad dangers surrounding speeding, but a recent study published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) helps to shed light on the severity of this issue. While speeding has been a factor in almost one-third of all fatal motor vehicle accidents for the past two decades, and it contributed to 26% of such incidents in 2017. Not only does speed result in a large amount of fatalities, but is also a top cause of serious injury-causing crashes. Read on to learn more about being in a car accident due to speeding, and how you should immediately find a “lawyer near me.” Call Keep Calm Attorney Referral Service today for a lawyer referral service Florida residents trust.

Speed on Florida’s Roads

If you were injured in an auto collision due to somebody else’s negligent acts, such as speeding, it is crucial to reach out to a car accident attorney right away. However, it’s also important to be informed about the basic dangers of speeding. Speed limits impact Florida’s roads in a variety of ways. Speed limits are not arbitrary or implemented only just to cause frustrustration for motorists.These laws have a basis in many different factors and conditions that may be present along the roadway, such as on:

  • Twists, curves, and turns

  • Steep hills or grades that can impact visibility

  • The business of the road depending on the time of day

  • The physical condition of the road

  • The presence of traffic signs and signals

  • Connections, intersections, and merging traffic

A lot of motorists forget that the speed limits imposed on various stretches of road only state the fastest speed that any vehicle should be traveling in the optimal conditions. Even though there isn’t snow or sleet in Florida, excessive rain, hail, and fog can cause issues. This means that even a driver traveling at the posted speed limit can pose a safety problem to other drivers.

Finding Lawyers Near Me

Keep Calm Attorney Referral Service, a lawyer referral service service Florida residents rely on, notes that there are major effects of excessive speed on auto collisions. Typically, the faster a vehicle is travelling, the more time the motorist will require to recognize and respond to a potential accident. The proper reaction will depend on the hazard in question, but it will usually involve stopping quickly, slowing down, or turning away. Drivers who are speeding may not be able to react fast enough and accomplish these maneuvers. There may only be half a second to see the problem and try to get out of danger. When a driver is driving at an excessive speed, it becomes hard for others on the road to predict his or her behavior. This makes it much more difficult to gauge what to do on the road, for both the driver and everybody around them.

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