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Call Our Lawyers for Personal Injury Before Accepting Free Stuff

If you’ve been injured on public property, particularly some kind of store, restaurant, or a similar location, the store owner offering you free things seems like a nice gesture, right? In truth, they may be trying to swiftly absolve themselves of responsibility for your injuries by tricking you into taking something of value. At Keep Calm Attorney Referral Service, we’ve seen it happen far too many times, which is why we want to advise you to seek help from lawyers for personal injury before accepting anything for free. We are a Florida personal injury attorney practice and have helped many Florida residents protect themselves and their right to compensation for their injuries. This is why you can trust us to give you all the tips you should know in the event you get injured.

What Property Owners Might Do

Property owners are intelligent, and they understand what it means if you get injured on their property. While most property owners will have insurance to cover your injury costs, they don’t necessarily want to risk increased premiums depending on the situation. Depending on what the property is, you may be offered any number of things immediately following the injury. Some examples include:

  • Free meals

  • Free merchandise

  • Discounts

  • Free Memberships

While these might seem like innocuous gestures of good faith, if you accept something of value, you could be surrendering your right to compensation. This could include medical costs if the injury is serious or any lost wages if you can’t work for a period after the ordeal.

Seek Lawyers for Personal Injury When in Need

The best thing to do when you’ve been injured is to contact a Florida personal injury attorney so that they can give you the best advice for your situation. If the injury is major, and you require medical attention, you’re entitled to full compensation from the property owner’s insurance company. A free meal or T-shirt isn’t worth the potential costs if the injury was tragic. Additionally, depending on the type of accident that occurred, you may not even the pain from a new injury for a while. Because property owners will often try to offer you things immediately upon receiving your injury, it’s easy to not realize what’s happening as the adrenaline goes down. By giving you as little time to react as possible, many are easily pressured into abandoning their rights to better compensation.

For a Florida Personal Injury Attorney, Contact Us

If you’ve recently been injured on someone else’s property, remember that you’re entitled to compensation. No discounts or free items will compare to potential hospital bills, so the first step is location lawyers for personal injury ASAP. For residents of Florida, contact us today to learn more about what you’re entitled to as well as to receive legal help in the event you’re facing a personal injury claim. We at Keep Calm Attorney Referral Service believe in placing you, the client, first where insurance companies and property owners don’t and put themselves first. Don’t fall for it and get help immediately.

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